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Mach 1.24. 24 miles above Earth. 834 miles an hour (unofficial). A 4 minute 20 second free fall.

That’s what Felix Baumgartner did this Sunday. 65 years to the day that Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier.

It took him almost 2.5 hours to get to the 127,000 plus height in order to attempt the jump or, if you prefer, fall. It took some 5 years of planning and test jumps. It took him less than 10 minutes to land on solid ground in New Mexico.

The question does get raised, why?

While some ponder this question others sit back in awe. This event was amazing enough to have some 8 million people watch the fall on YouTube which by some accounts was 16 times larger than their previous record. So it’s pretty obvious why YouTube would stream it live (Red Bull is a main partner on the site just…

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Almanac of Style

“What draws us to the brands we carry and continue to look for are ones with really great stories behind them.”

I must start off by saying I absolutely adore these guys. It’s meeting locals like these that make my heart swell with pride to call this place home. Their immediate warmth and sincerity made me want to sit down, have a beer and roast some marshmallows around a campfire with them pronto.

Doug Behner and Ruben Leal moved to Venice with the shared dream of opening up their own store by the beach. I know, sounds like a dream to all of us, right? Except they actually did it. And even had the nerve to open it on Lincoln Blvd. (gasp)! I think you’ll agree they did a damn fine job.

Tradesmen is the go-to shop for men who want to look good without looking like they tried too hard…

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