Judy was shocked when I came back through the swinging doors from the Blue Colony Diner’s bathroom laughing uncontrollably and sat back down at our booth.

“Ummm, Lease?  Weren’t you crying when you went back to the bathroom?”

I nodded, unable to speak or even breathe.  Unable to stop laughing long enough to explain.

My sister was clearly afraid that I had gone over the edge.  And of course she had good reason to worry.  You see, I had met her at the Diner hours earlier than planned, straight from a pre-surgical appointment with my doctor – my surgeon — in Baltimore.

He had, well, upset me.  I cried for the three hours it took me to drive the normal four-plus hour trip.

At the Diner, I told Judy that the surgery I was facing with abject terror in just over a month was going to be two operations,

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