The Color Of The Wind

Nae's Nest

Today I will make something beautiful that moves with the sky

I want it to be breathtaking, a sculpture from my eye

Something everyone can enjoy-from the tiniest bug-to the smallest boy

Color!  An array of lights which glow-all in a unique way-burlesque, flashy-let it all show

The shades of the moon-try to capture its glow

The color of the wind on a bright sunny day

And the color of the wind-when its dark angry and won’t go away

Focusing with the back of my mind, something will


Bursting out to shine!


Connecting the dots of a dream, color by number and tracing the lines

It is whimsical and free, with a beauty that cannot be defined

I will make it delicate and hardy, rigid and shapeless

Uniformed and straight, soft and boisterous

I will be as creative as I can be, planting my image so it can grow

I am…

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