Notes from a Writer at Creative Writing Camp

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Here are notes from Marcela Descalzi, who is teaching at one of the camp sites in the Montrose area.  Marcela shares about the “reign of kindness” that she and her teaching partner are experiencing in their classroom:

My writing partner Patty and I create community with “our” children. In 3 lightning weeks, we gather in the morning to celebrate writing. On our first day, we had asked the young writers to share values that helped build a community of kindness. Among words like respect, generosity and active listening, we were surprised to hear awareness. Our fourth graders were on a roll.

In our gathering circle of the morning, we share many of our own passions as we play Connections– a game that invites active listening and voicing moments and feelings from our day. It began to rain hard. When it was my turn, I said with a certain amount…

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