Looking forward to looking back – a year in the garden

cat digs dirt.

This year, June has seen my fumbling and tentative beginning as One Who Writes About Growing Things.

But last year, June saw my beginning as One Who Grows Things (with even more tentative fumbling.)
Before last June, I had always lived either in city apartments where dirt seemed this precious, unattainable resource, or, before that, at my parents’ house where dirt seemed more like an obligation or chore- something against which even algebra looked a bit rosier. (which is another gardening story for another day) June 2011, however, I found myself in an apartment that had not only a common yard, but a bit of dirt right outside my backdoor that was clearly not in use. It was time to see if all that pining for planting was just a passing whim or the real deal.

My first garden was not the biggest (I had yet to overcome my shyness…

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