Along The Winding River

The Long Way There

Today a most delightful voyage, this time not on foot, but rather by boat, which was a nice break from the usual Tuesday hiking tradition.  Our journey was one that I’ve been waiting my whole life to take, something that until this day I have sadly neglected to accomplish, despite the fact that is located right here in my home town.  Oh I’ve wanted to do it, always talked about doing it, made distant and mislaid plans…. but in all these years have never been able to muster up the means and or ambition to go out and actually do it.  When it boils right down to it I think the problem was that I never really knew what I was missing, now I do.  Finally now this most unexpected opportunity, plans for todays adventure were made but late last night through simple  text message asking me if I wanted to take a boat ride.

The journey…

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