The Duluth Floods and the Feline Fiasco

daring to disturb the universe

As ABC and World News informed the entire planet, Duluth recently found itself in a flood of 15-minute fame as half our city submerged itself in sewer run-off water. Starting at the beginning of last week, apocalyptic-type storm clouds hung menacingly over the greater part of Northern Minnesota, plotting and scheming their attack on our streets and houses; and drowning the area in damage costs of about 100 million dollars. Luckily, for the bulk of the storm I remained high and dry in Hibbing, MN. As the storm raged and the news teams faffed about around the city of Duluth, I was packing my things and getting ready to brave the 80-mile drive back to the wetlands. I left plenty early, to accommodate for any unsuspected happenings I might encounter. Having recently been graciously presented with a place to live, I was hauling a few minor things from Hibbing to…

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