Light Painting and Bubble Fail

The Blue Brick | Inspired Yarns

Last Friday night Tito and I were invited to our artist friends house for dinner and creativity! To add to the night I brought the camera and a collection of glow sticks, sparklers and bubble mix.

Sadly, breaking tubes of glow sticks and pouring them into bubble mix completely failed to produce glowing bubbles, as I optimistically hoped it would.  First I added enough glow stick ooze that the mixture glowed brightly, but was now unable to produce actual bubbles. So I added more soap. Bubbles, but no glow. So I added more glow and got…. glow but no bubbles.

This cycle continued until my friends gently told me to lay off – partly because my friends kitchen looked like I had slaughtered an alien on her counter.

We settled for using the remaining glow sticks and bulb exposures on the camera to have a little light painting fun. Here’s…

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