gone fishin’

Daniel Luebke


Today was special.

This morning, the family went to Krueger Pool (where we swam in the triathlon) and enjoyed the beautiful day poolside. Jacob even got a brief swim lesson from his uncle. It was my pleasure.

Then, in the evening, my nephew, dad, aunt, sister and brother-in-law went down to the lagoon (Riverside Park, Beloit) and we fished.

 The water was low and the algae was high and the times were grand.

I was the only one to make a catch, a small sunfish, however we really enjoyed our time by the river.

We then boarded a paddleboat, on the same lagoon, and toured the water. I discovered you can paddle not only with your feet, but also your arms- a great upper-body workout. There were some great sights.

Afterwards we played for a bit at Turtle Island, a nice playground in the park.

Although a bird attempted (and succeeded)…

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