Baby Fever

Julie Giraffe

I’ve changed many diapers and I’ve snuggled hundreds of babies. I’ve raised people’s children with them and taught them in preschool classes and gone to their recitals.

I’ve had baby fever before.

Baby Fever /baybee feevur/: a state of being in which the smell of a newborn’s head or the squeeze of an infant’s hand or the smile of a toddler pretty much knocks you out with desire to obtain several adorable little humans to keep forever and ever.

This certainly isn’t a new feeling. Footie pajamas, the little rubber covered baby food spoons, pacifiers….all are pretty much baby fever instigators. However, the change in fever is that it is prolonged. Usually I get caught up in a temporary wave of “Oh-my-goodness-I-must-have-one-now-please-please-lets-go-sign-up-for-one-now” and then after a few days it passes.

This. is. not. passing.

It could be that I’m so used to doing unpleasant, time consuming or messy things for…

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