War, Freedom, Civil Rights, and Elephants

The Things I See

Some sites around Washington, DC Monuments to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, both central figures in obtaining our country’s freedom.  Washington, the first commander of the US armies, and the first president.  Jefferson, the writer of the Declaration of Independence and the second president.  Also, both slave owners throughout their lives, though Washington did free his slaves in his will after his death. Manassas Battlefield, site of the first major battle of the Civil War, and a subsequent second battle, both Union defeats.  Many thought the first battle would be the only battle of the war, and went out to watch.  The brutality of actual fighting awakened America to the fact that it would be a horrible affair that would not end soon. The Confederates won behind brave actions such as those by “Stonewall” Jackson, who continues to survey the battlefield.  The Union did eventually win the war, preserving the…

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