The Write to Cook: Plate it in Words

A Word or More

By Rebecca T. Dickinson

I learned a new verb on Kelsey’s Essentials featured on the Cooking Channel: plate it. I worked for a short time in the food service industry, the only TV shows I watch are cooking shows, and I’ve never heard this terminology. Did a chef discover a new verb before writers?

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Food pairs with writing. They hold hands, and one inspires the other. In a recent blog, I wrote about my inspiration behind cooking. The fact is food preparation, cooking, and the art of baking all inspire the work I produce on a screen. It is a break and third passion behind education and writing.

But, can they go together for writers who don’t cook, or maybe you’re more of a foodie than a cook? I say yes.

Not two hours ago, I’d gotten up before the sun to make him…

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