Modern Toilet – A good place to let yourself go


Taiwan is well known for its across the board ideas. Taking Chinese and Japanese influence, they continue to pride themselves on the diverse choice of cuisine.

In Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan, a certain restaurant has caused quite a stir in the food world. In 2004 Marton Restaurant was launched with the slogan “To eat or to pee? Go to the Toilet! Deliver ur shit!” The restaurant had designed the eating space with small bathroom tables to eat off and toilet seats as chairs. That just wasn’t it though, you actually eat out of toilet too. Well not a real one, but a small plastic basin with your own choice of food in. For dessert you have a mini plastic commode to eat your chocolate ice cream out of which mimics a “dump”. The menu ranges from Korean sorak beef, Yunan Chili Chicken, pearl and milk hotpot and…

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