Life with Reggie


Have I said here that having a 12-week old puppy around is a lot like having a newborn? I think so. And it’s awfully true. We had the sweetie here for two nights and three days this weekend, a big step up from our first all-day visit with him last weekend. He’s just a couple of weeks shy of completing his core training with the breeder, and as we’re all in the same part of the world, we think it makes sense for her to finish the core job that she started (and of course we’re being trained too!).

He’s sufficiently comfortable with us now to have given us good glimpses of what misbehaviour (that is, standard young dog behaviour) we can count on having to control, such as incessant chewing of anything lying around (that doesn’t taste bad!), and so our training is ramping up accordingly. Thanks to a…

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