Help Change the World! (Okay, not really. Just this blog.)

Jenny Wynter

I’m at a bit of a crossroads. Questioning things, shaking things up, trying to work out where to from here.

Part of this, in fact a pretty damn big chunk of this, involves working out what direction this blog is going to head in. I’ve got a ton of possibilities – some dramatic, some not so – floating through my little brain, but before I launch myself into a half-baked plan of change, I turn to you. My friends. The good yet sometimes faceless folks who read this little corner of cyberspace. I ask you: why are you here? Not in an existential sense, just in a selfish feedback kinda needy way.

Seriously, if you give half a shizz about this, then I sure would be stoked if you would be willing to give me a few moments of your time to do this little blog survey to help me…

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