Fish: Incoming!

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

They’ve been like fish out of water since last fall. This summer’s splash down, such a relief.

The school is finally in.

With glee.  Free finning. Fast tailing it.

Probably sculling away as fast as possible.

In case those scientist studying shiners change their minds.

Note to Smalleye and Sharpnose shiners: keep an eye out for those nets.

Not to mention the Igloo coolers….shiver.

The little shiners had heard horror tales about those from the largemouth bass.

(Well. can you really trust types like the largemouth or gar?

Those entreating gulps of “Here, little shiner. Quick hid in my mouth! If they scoop you up, you’ll disappear into those coolers and never be seen again! We love helping you little endangered guys.”

Maybe those big mouths were fear mongering?

Hooked on terror?

Should a tiny minnow believe a top-tier fish?

Come to think of it, did those large finned ones really…

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