Day 18: A Date With Mr. Smith

Tatter Scoops Journey To Be Fit

It’s a new week, yo!

What better way to start than working hard at the gym? Yeah, that’s what I did today. Off we went for my date with Mr. Smith…Smith Machine that is!


Mr. Trainer was excited when he announced that today we will be focusing on my shoulder and back.

Here’s the routines today:

1. Cardio: 50 minutes with speed up to 7km/hour. I burnt 400 calories and sweat-a-ton.

2. Smith Machine Upright Row: started with 10kilos (22lbs) it quickly went up to 20kilos (44lbs) for the second and third reps.

3. Standing Smith Machine Overhead Shoulder Press: this was hard for sure. Started with 10kilos (22lbs) then went up to 20kilos (44lbs) as usual 4 reps, 15 counts each.

4. Standing Smith Machine Behind The Neck Press: I kid you not, it looks easier than how it…

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