Cheryl Cole: This Summer’s Guiltiest Pleasure

I can distinctly remember the last fight I had over a woman. It was two and a half years ago, and a shopkeeper in London and I practically came to blows — jokingly, of course — over Cheryl Cole. Her debut solo single, “Fight for This Love,” which, at the time, was the biggest thing since God saved the queen, came on the radio, and I made the mistake of telling my friend Andrew that I thought it was a piece of junk.

“Get out of my store right this second!” the guy behind the counter, who’d overheard, demanded. He was smiling, but I knew I’d stepped over the line to a place where the wrong opinion can be dangerous. Back in the U.S.A., nobody had a clue who Cole was, but I was on UK turf now. It was the Yankees vs. the Redcoats all over again! For the…

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