Austerity not a Greek goal ~ by Pepe Escobar

Piazza della Carina

Talk about a dream rematch. This Friday, Monty Python’s epic Germany vs Greece philosophy football spectacular will be replayed, live, at Euro 2012. There won’t be “Plato in goal” and “Aristoteles as sweeper”, or “Nietzsche accusing [referee] Confucius of having no free will” – but one can savor the global impact in case a bunch of footballing Spartans forces the sleek “Onshela” Merkel’s team to exit the euro.


And especially after “Onshela” – as part of a highly choreographed fear campaign – could not help hectoring the Greeks ahead of last Sunday’s elections, prodding them to vote the right way, as in submitting to the German sado-austerity diktat.

All across the Atlanticist West, the corporate media “narrative” depicted the slim victory of the right as a Greek collective decision not to exit the euro, at least for now. The Brussels eurocracy was ecstatic. Then, after a few minutes of…

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