An Edible Time Capsule


I love my little nest. My apartment is on the third floor of a four story building which has a yard on the first level and private balcony space for each separate unit. Rare priveldge. So, here it is, my little garden in the sky.

There are many tutorials on how to build a wood pallet herb garden and can be discovered through a quick quest with Google.  The first one I saw that inspired me was created by Kate Pruitt and posted on Design Sponge. Her succulent-infested pallet is lovely but for once in my life and much to my gentleman companion’s surprise, I decided to focus on practicality rather than aesthetics. For the time being (a very short time, I am certain) my garden is solely edible. Although it currently lacks every color except green, it’s still a sight to behold.

Especially with my nighttime compensation:

The only…

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