Amphitheater Mountain and Cathedral Peak, Pasayten Wilderness, in the Fall

North Western Images - photos by Andy Porter

Amphitheater Mountain Showing Bands of Color

Some time ago I visited the eastern Pasayten Wilderness in early October to catch the larches turning bright orange. I got lucky and had great weather and caught the trees at the perfect time.

Amphitheater Mountain at Sunset

As you can see the larch inhabit a specific altitude and when they turn create a band of orange against the green of the other trees…

Amphitheater Mountain Bands of Color in Fall

Several of these images are panoramas, created by stitching several images together…

Amphitheater Mountain Fall Panorama

Amphitheater Mountain connects to Cathedral Peak at Cathedral Pass. The hike is approx. 30 miles from where you park the car…well worth the hike.

Cathedral Peak from Upper Cathedral Lake

Definitely on my list for this summer (and fall!)

Cathedral Peak Reflection

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