Garden Propaganda

Plants have several different ways to adapt to heat and drought. A coating of white hairs on their leaves reflects sunlight to reduce evaporation and help conserve the water lost during photosynthesis. This gives the plants an appearance that ranges from pure white to silver or grey and in some cases their foliage is even more ornamental than their flowers.

As I mentioned yesterday I lost my silver leaved Athanasia pinnata but other silver plants in my garden have faired much better.

Calocephalus brownii (syn Leucophyta brownii) looks like it is made of some sort of futuristic white plastic. It is the perfect foil for plants like Santolina and lavenders and so far has been almost care free in my garden.  It can get a bit scraggly as it ages though so may need cutting back this winter.

Verbascum bombyciferum is showing no signs that it is going to bloom…

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