San Diego Zoo

My Punks Mom


We went to the zoo because my punks had escaped. Just kidding!
We went to the zoo because we did. (That’s what my nephew would say anyway.)


If Ol’ Blue Eyes and I were monkeys, this would be us because I’m always grooming him. I don’t clean his tail though cause that would be weird.


If my youngest were at the zoo, he’d be in the top of a tree eating lettuce for sure…


If my oldest was at the zoo, he’d sit around looking all zen and everything.


GOOOR-RILLLLL-AAAAHHHH! (Sorry, had a Tarzan moment there.)


Always look up at the zoo. You never know what could hit you!



When I left the zoo, I knew two things for sure.

#1  I want a panda bear. That’s all, nothing else. Oh my goodness! I would love him and squeeze him but I wouldn’t call him George. I’d call him Hank…

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