Plum Dandy!

The Goat Granny

Joe’s daddy & I went sandhill plum hunting today.

The plums are on the back ten so we get to stroll through the 7 acre wood.

 It is beautiful in there and smells so good.

Dozer went with us after his bath and scared up many wild turkey along the way.

 I couldn’t get any pictures of them though they are too fast!

ahh the catalpa trees, my favorite! Northern Catalpa

Milkweed! Beautiful!

I do not know what this is. Maybe someone else does?

a dead armoured cricket/grasshopper thingy.

It appears as he was dressed for battle but lost!

my all time favorite – the sunflower – from research

 Plains Sunflower

I can not find this either. It reminded me of a

morning-glory but I swear was on a shrub type

plant not a vine and the necks of the flower were VERY long

Woolly Verbena perhaps? Pretty anyway

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