Pendleton, Oregon

Adventures of Carol and Bill

Day 35, Driving to Pendleton, we came up over a hill and saw the beautiful fields of yellow (canola), I quickly grabbed my camera. The fields almost look fake.

Pendleton, Oregon is such a cute little town, with a lot of cowboy history. We started at “Hamley’s,” located right on Main Street.

Hamley’s hand makes saddles and “anybody” who is “anybody” orders their saddle from Hamley’s. They sell cowboy hats, belts, clothing, leather items, robes, etc. They had a handmade rawhide “lasso” robe that is selling for $1,800!!!!!! I thought my son, Robby, had an expensive saddle, but these saddles start at $5,000 and go up to $50,000. Needless to say, we just looked.

We arranged for Parley Pierce, owner and manager of the retail business.

The building is the original building from when the company started 107 years ago as a family business. All the famous cowboys you’ve read…

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