If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear the mail order bride scream?

Just Making Convo


Because I’m a sucker for true love, I spend most of my free time surfing websites that specialize in the sale of mail order brides.

Call me batsh*t crazy, but there’s something about the idea of logging onto PayPal and having your soul mate arriving via UPS shipment two weeks later that I find almost serendipitous.

Sadly, not all of these 110-280 lb. packages are serious about finding the wealthy stranger of their dreams. Many of these women are actually scam artists, using their fondness for woody perennials and aversion to fashionable clothing to lure in lonely foreign men.

So, in an effort to help future foreign wife consumers, I’ve come up with a game I like to call “Return To Sender”.

The rules are simple:

1. Look at the following mail order bride profiles.
2. Pick out the one you think isn’t really a mail order bride.

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