I Cannot Tell a Lie… (I Pulled It Up With My Bare Hands)

Our 'Bit of Earth'

Warning:  This post contains graphic depictions of the aftermath of physical violence.  

Please, if you are in any way sentimental about Our Friends The Trees — turn back now.  Because violence is being committed in my yard on a regular basis.

This mayhem is a recent example.

And some of you may recall this image from “project 2011” .

Yes, the sad fact, dear Readers, is that I beg and plead with Jeff on an annual basis to chop down  another 20 or more trees in our yard.  You can’t imagine the hopeful visions I have for the back portion of our lot!  The label “Tree-ma-geddon” comes to mind.

But I haven’t always been this way: I used to revere trees in all their forms.  I am a native desert rat, after all, with scenery like this all around me throughout my childhood.

Living in the midwest has taught me…

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