Sassy Magazine Cover, 1992 [source]

Johnny Depp Sassy Cover, 1990

Milla Jovovich, 1992 [source]

Chloe Sevigny, 1992 [source]

Penelope Cruz (those sneakers!), 1994 [source]

Liv Tyler, 1995

Amy Smart, Axl Rose Fashion Editorial (i want those leggings), 1992 [source]

Mayim Bialik from Blossom, 1992

Curt Cobain & Courtney Love, 1992

 Fashion Editorial, 1992 [source]

Shoe Editorial, 1993

Fashion Editorial, 1994 [source]

Fashion Editorial, 1994 [source]

Fashion Editorial (love the vintage dress, only $28 at the time), 1994 [source]

Sassy doing Vintage 80’s in the early 90’s

Does this not speak volumes today?! I love it! [source]

Okay, who grew up with Sassy Magazine? Hand raised, I did! While writing this post I was going down memory lane. All the above fashions I wore; I completely had…

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