500,000 Bees Board Flight From Sweden To Greenland, And It’s Not A Samuel L. Jackson Movie


About 500,000 bees boarded a flight from Sweden to Greenland on Wednesday, according to Swedish news source, The Local. Apparently, the bees didn’t even have a direct flight, as they had a stopover in Denmark, the world’s former happiest country.

“What’s the bad news?” you may ask, “I fly with hundreds of thousands of bees all the time and always have to stop over in Cincinnati!”

Well, apparently, transporting that many bees requires “a lot of paperwork” and vetting by a bee inspector and a veterinarian surgeon. Okay, we get the paperwork part. Taking 500,000 bee passport photos is not exactly a picnic for any IKEA Photo Center employee. For them, a picnic would be more like getting stung by just five bees while having an actual picnic.  But what kind of surgery performed by a veterinarian do these bees require? We’re certain that if taking passport photos…

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