29. Hawaii Scuba Diving then Skiing Mt. Baker

Pow Princess

My journey begins alone. I am heading to Hawaii to seek diving with SHARKS for the first time in my life. Boys seems to come and go… but the mountains and the deep blue oceans seem to always comfort my sorrows and elevate me to new levels of joy. I am still seeking to ski 100x which is my goal. It would have been epic to ski 100 days in a season but seeing March 29th, 2012 approached… my 27th birthday.. I sprained my ankle doing a silly V6 bouldering dyno problem in the Cliffhangers Coquitlam gym. I arrived late in Maui having accidentally missed my flight and having to go to “customer service”to get re-routed to Honolulu. I took the Grey something shuttle to the Maui Coast Hotel. I contemplated on seeking out the Maui night life but seeing as it was late and my headlamp batteries.

The very…

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