Goodbye Ponte a Serraglio

Bagni di Lucca and Beyond

I have been in Ponte a Serraglio since early February and it is time to go home to Brisbane. As much as I love my life in Australia, it is always difficult to leave Italy. I have stayed longer than usual in the hope of getting our house in the mountains finished and ready to rent, but I will be leaving it unfinished. I will be up there today, my last day, doing what I can. Hopefully by then end of the day I will have some finished rooms to show you ( I’ll avoid the unfinished bits)

Here is a little roundup of what I will be missing at Ponte a Serraglio.


Early morning at Ponte a Serraglio.


My apartment ( it’s the one with the tiny balcony )



Time for a last walk up the hill.




Time to say goodbye to my geraniums.



And my lavender.


The last…

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