A Family Affair: {K & D’s Wedding, Pt. III}


When I was planning this wedding sequence, I’d originally thought I had it in me to resist making a blog post of just family photos. And I am still restraining myself, because there are some big families here, each member precious to the bride and groom he or she was supporting, but all that love in one post might break my website. (Really, now. So much family. So much love.) Here, then are a few happy highlights with the immediate fams.

(Sidenote to Mr. P: If I had four daughters this gorgeous, I would probably die. The radiance would kill me. How do you ever know what to do with them? Ever? My admiration for you and Mrs. P continually grows. AND you have handsome sons. Incredible.)

(Sidenote re: the groom’s brothers: They are taken, folks. Those pretty gals posing with them are indeed their wives. Please don’t send me…

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